Alby the Olympian

Yes, he’s at it again, waxing lyrical on all matters under the sun to the captivated (?) Joe public, but this time he’s in sporting mode and he’s found some fresh ears from overseas. Catch the latest Alby Figgs episode, Olympians, over at the Alby site now.

PS Alby Figgs in no way endorses or condones certain sporting events or is, in anyway, commercially entitled from said profits or will be taking corporate handouts in any shape or form. Unless asked to…

Alby Figgs and his old mucker, Frannie B

Richard Burton, Dylan Thomas, Audrey Hepburn and Francis Bacon, all hanging outside a fitzrovian pub with our Alby, right here @ Alby Figgs. No kidding!

Alby Figgs in Cliff and The Shads

This week over at the Alby Figgs site, Alby put’s to rest the oft questioned origin of one of pop cultures eternal mysteries, namely The Shadows ‘funny walk’.

Who’d have thought it, eh? But wait! Who’s that bronzed, shaded stranger in the Bentley? Find out more (?) @

Alby Figgs in Gravy!

Just out today @ Alby Figgs in Gravy! Straight up. This time, everybody’s favourite street sage spills the, er, gravy on the innermost workings of one of our best loved (?!) celebrity chefs and his part in his success/ downfall. You be the judge…

Alby Figgs in Snowgoose

Snowgoose, part two in the ongoing saga of Alby Figgs @ is now up online, people. This time, Alby shatters the myth of a much loved national treasure.