Dandridge © copyright Rebellion 2010




















I’ve just finished a short 5 episode run on the new 2000 AD series Dandridge, written by Alec Worley which is out now (progs 1710 to 1714)! This series revives, in a way, the dandyish hero with more than a passing resemblance to 70s cad Jason King, Dr. Spartacus Dandridge, originally featured in our previous collaboration, Antiquus Phantasma and is set in an alternative 1980s London full of retro-harnessed spooks. The first two episodes are out now, hardly before the pixelated inks had a chance to dry and I urge you to check it out at your local newsagent. More details here from the 2000 AD website and here’s a link to Alec’s blog, currently featuring a guest slot from the good Doctor himself.

I’ll be posting up more artwork and sketches soon.

Zarjaz indeed!

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